Diet Tips For Christmas 2017

As Christmas rapidly approaches (can you believe it’s almost here already???), many people start freaking out about the inevitable weight gain which often accompanies this time of year. For many people, it’s a time to forget all about dieting… to let go… to enjoy life, to eat, drink & be merry. But is there a balance between eating celery & carrot sticks and drinking only water, and eating everything in sight?

I like to think so!

Plan Ahead

When you’re going to a Christmas function, decide up front – before you get there – just how much food you’re going to allow yourself to eat. And how much alcohol.

Now, the amounts are going to vary from person to person, based on SO many factors:

  • Your current weight
  • Your overall health goals
  • Your body’s ability to “bounce back”
  • etc etc

So it needs to be a goal which is unique for you, and also achievable. Don’t make a plan to eat 1 chicken leg and a glass of juice! You need to keep it realistic, too.

Be Accountable

Hey, we’re all human. Don’t fight it. 99% of the population (maybe more) work best when we’ve got some level of accountability in our lives. Left to our own devices, well… it’s easy to cheat! One drink becomes two becomes three, next minute we’re dancing on tables in our undies.

And nobody wants that. Trust me…

So find a friend / partner / colleague you trust, and tell them your diet goals for the event. Ask them if they’d be willing to help you stay accountable to the goal you set for yourself. Also, make sure they know this is a PERSONAL matter – certainly not something for them to post about on Facebook or Twitter!

Discretion is recommended here.

Enjoy Yourself

As much as the marketing managers of the world wish otherwise, Christmas only comes once a year. So please – enjoy yourself! You don’t want to be “that person” who snubs their noses at all the people around them who are having fun, judging them for their decisions. Relax a little… but keep it under control, and honor your commitment to yourself! Your “next year you” will thank you for it 😀

Reward Yourself

At the end of the holiday season, take a self assessment. Did you manage to stick to your diet goals? Are you happy with how you handled yourself? Do you feel positive about your self control and your focus? If so, treat yourself with a small “present to yourself”. Doesn’t have to be big – it could be a nice bottle of wine, a pair of shoes, a T-shirt… something that doesn’t blow the budget, but something that DOES make you feel good about yourself and your achievements.

I think that’s one of the biggest problems today – we don’t give ourselves enough credit when we do GOOD. So many of us are excellent at punishing ourselves, telling ourselves how badly we handled certain events or situations… but rarely do we celebrate the “little wins”. After all, it’s those “little wins” that build us, and encourage us to be better versions of ourselves for many more Christmases to come!

Stay safe, and have a happy, healthy Christmas!