Helathy diet is to a healthy hair

It is unknown to many that nutrition and hair health are interrelated. Proper nutrition leads to thick, radiant and long hair, while improper diet often leads to stunted hair growth and hair loss among other bad effects. Although there may be many hair care products on the market today, the human hair responds very slowly to any inviting ingredient while nutrition is the only instrumental factor to its growth and health. This is the reason why the best hair salon Sydney offers, encourages you to not only look after you hair, but your diet and overall wellness – to support strong hair growth and health. Below are a few examples and facts about hair nutrition and which food intake responds to proper hair growth and health:

#1 Malnutrition can lead to hair loss

Healthy diet for a healthy hair - hair lossThe human hair is specially made of keratin – a protein. If hair follicles do not get enough proteins/amino acids, they start experiencing stunted hair growth, split hair and hair loss in the long run. Hence, foods rich in essential amino acids among other nutrients can help restore hair health and growth.

#2 Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for hair growth

Omega 3 fatty acids (mainly obtained from oil fish and some fruits) is a vital nutrient for hair growth. The reason for this is that these essential fatty acids help rejuvenate hair growth in the follicles, and also induce cell division and growth. Aside from this, omega 3 fatty acids are essentially needed to prevent dry scalp – which is one of the leading causes of dry hair, hair dandruff and hair loss.

#3 Vitamins promote hair growth and luster

Vitamins A and C are powerful antioxidants that not only help remove toxins and free radicals from body cells, but also promote sebum production. Sebum acts as a natural hair conditioner by preventing dry hair. Even if multivitamin supplements are popular today, the best quality vitamins can only be found in fresh dark green leafy vegetables and fruits. Adding fruits to your diet plan can therefore help promote long and healthy hair.

#4 Minerals and Biotin prevent hair loss and brittle hair

According to research, zinc, iron, manganese and biotin are primarily needed for carbon dioxide, fats, and protein metabolism. These minerals are required for producing enzymes that aid in the digestion and metabolism of these compounds. The research also shows that biotin deficiency often leads to brittle hair and hair loss in the long run. Most of these minerals are found in green leafy vegetables and root tubers.

#5 Folic acid and hair growth

Healthy diet to healthy hairFolic acids is one of the primary constituents for cell growth. This is the reason why folic acid supplements are given to pregnant mothers to help promote proper development of the fetus. In the same way, folic acid is needed for hair follicle cell regeneration, division and growth. The lack of this often leads to fatigue and hair loss. Focusing a well-balanced diet plan can however help prevent this from happening, and thus gives a healthier body.

You need to watch what you eat! Before trying anything else on the market, it would be best to rely on proper nutrition as this helps you solve all your health issues.