Diet to happiness or deprivation

What you eat is intimately linked to your lifestyle choices. The food that we prepare and eat reflects how healthy we are, however to some or perhaps a lot of people, following a proper diet is not only challenging but can also lead to total deprivation.

Fortunately there are foods that have been proven to not only be good for you, but also to elevate your mood. These foods are the perfect components when it comes to following a healthy diet – and the great news is that the majority of them can be prepared in ways that are not only nutritious but also delicious.

But there is a flip side to this foodie coin – there are also foods which scientists think can make you miserable. Let’s take a look at those which are great for making you happy first:

#1 Spinach

Spinach is a great source of folic acid and magnesium. Two cups a day sharpens memory and lifts mood. You also don’t have to eat it raw (although it’s great in a salad), you can also saute it and make it part of a parcel of pasta dishes or as a side dish for any main course.

#2 Walnuts

diet-walnutsUltra rich in Omega-3 acids, walnuts are a great snack that have been proven to put you in a better mood and increase your ability to focus. Walnuts are perfect eaten raw, but can also make a fantastic addition to salads. You can also try them as an addition to pasta dishes where they add both flavor and crunchiness.

#3 Seafood (Fish and Crustaceans like lobsters, etc)

diet-seafoodThe addition of seafood to a list of foods that make you happy is great news for those who enjoy the fruits of the ocean. The other great news is that almost every type of ocean fresh produce boasts exceptional levels of selenium which helps people cope with depression. For those who are watching their weight, lean fish is great addition to any diet, while the more indulgent can go for shrimp or even lobster and still get their selenium back-up.

#4 Green Tea

You don’t have to be a hipster to enjoy the great taste of green tea. Remember there are numerous types and if you were put off your first taste it might just be challenging until you find the right green tea for you. Green tea contains theanine which can help you calm and successfully deal with anxiety.

So what about foods that may lead to anxiety or depression?

Try to stay away from drinks (or foods) that contain large amounts of caffeine. The ‘caffeine jitters’ also come with a not so healthy dose of anxiety. Also try to avoid fried food which is high in trans fats which slow you down by affecting brain function and can also lead to depression. Avoid the popular fried potato chip snack – the oil that they’re fried in can block Omega-3 fatty acid uptake and can have an effect on your mood.


With some common sense and the right choices of raw ingredients you can enjoy a diet that will lead to total happiness and contribute significantly to a healthy lifestyle.